Cambs "Legal High" Checks

25 January 2011, 16:04 | Updated: 10 February 2011, 13:15

Police in Cambridgeshire are visiting shops to make sure drugs like methedrone and nathyrone aren't being sold.

The drugs are sometimes misleadingly referred to as "legal highs", and often contain substances like bath salt or plant food.

Police and Trading Standards officers visited a number of stores in Huntingdon yesterday, after getting intelligence reports that the substances were possibly being sold in the town.

No substances were found during the operation but Cambridgeshire Police has confirmed officers will continue to act on similar intelligence and ensure retailers are not selling the drugs.

Chief Inspector Paul Rogers said: "With the support of traders we have been raising awareness of these psychoactive substances and what signs the public should look out for.

We are looking to work with traders because it is in their interests and in the public interest for these potentially dangerous substances to be removed from general sale.

There are now many different types of psychoactive substances available on the internet with many different brand names, however, they rarely contain what it says on the packet."