Cambridge: Cop Saves Life On Second Day Of Duty

3 October 2013, 16:59 | Updated: 4 October 2013, 11:44

A police special - who was only on his second ever shift - has helped save a life in Cambridge.

PC Eitan Joseph and Special Constable Paul Feuer were on their break in Asda, Beehive Centre, at about 9pm when they heard a tannoy announcement asking for a first aider.

Both officers made themselves known to a member of staff and offered their help.

They were taken to one of the aisle where a man in his 50s was in cardiac arrest.

PC Eitan Joseph said: "When I got to him, he was not breathing and his face was turning purple. I turned him over and began CPR while my colleague called our control room for an ambulance.  When I first started CPR on the man he didn't have a pulse, I kept trying until another one of my colleagues arrived with a defibrillator which was when we managed to revive him.  It wasn't until the paramedics arrived that I was told we'd saved his life."

Special Constable Paul Feuer said: "This was only my second shift since I became a Special Constable. PC Joseph and I knew our help was needed when we heard the tannoy announcement. Our natural instincts just kicked in." 

Simon King, EAST Assistant General Manager for Cambridgeshire, said: "This incident shows just how important both CPR and a defibrillator can be for a person's chances of surviving cardiac arrest. Well done to both of our emergency services colleagues for their lifesaving efforts; we enjoy a close working relationship with the police and look forward to their continuing support of both our staff and patients across the county."

Heart's been told the man who collapsed in the supermarket is now in a stable condition and is recovering well in Addenbrooke's Hospital.