Councillors Back Cycle Plan

15 June 2010, 13:05 | Updated: 16 June 2010, 14:40

Cambridgeshire County Councillors have decided to back plans to stop people parking along Gilbert Road in Cambridge.

The £400,000 scheme, designed to reduce accidents and improve cycling, was given the green light by the Council Cabinet earlier.

Yellow lines will now be painted along the road to stop people parking in cycle lanes and on grass verges along the street.

The plans are supported by cyclists, but opposed by some residents of Gilbert Road who are angry it will mean a loss of on-street parking.

Work to install the new double yellow lines will start in November, and should be finished by the end of the year.

900 cyclists use Gilbert Road every day, according to Cambridgeshire County Council.

Surveys carried out by the authority have indicated around 20 cars a day are usually parked at the side of the road, and so blocking parts of the cycle lanes that run the length of the street.

The County Council believes these cars belong to commuters rather than residents or their visitors, as the majority of homes have off-street parking.

The current cycle lane will be widened to 1.7 metres and will be separated from the main carriageway with a red asphalt surface.

Double yellow lines will be used to prevent cars parking in them and on the verge.

Cambridgeshire County Councillor Roy Pegram, Cabinet Member for Growth, Infrastructure and Strategic Planning, said: "We have listened closely to local residents and cyclists over this issue.

It is incredibly difficult to meet the needs of all groups while reducing congestion for the city and creating cycle links for residents living in rural communities around Cambridge.

Cambridgeshire County Council is committed to reducing congestion on our streets, reducing pollution and improving safety for cyclists.

This scheme achieves all these elements."

A decision on whether or not to install traffic calming measures, which would include speed cushions and raised junctions, is being kept under review.