Ely Detention Numbers Fall

17 May 2011, 06:12 | Updated: 17 May 2011, 06:25

The head of a Cambridgeshire college, where around 250 children were given detention in just one week last month, has told Heart the discipline policy is working.

Ely Community College hit the headlines in April for enforcing an initiative called "Right to teach - Right to learn".

As part of that, students caught doing things like using a mobile phone or eating in class, being rude or disruptive and wearing the wrong uniform were sent to the school hall to read a book about good behaviour.

The week before Easter, around 250 of the school's 1,250 pupils were given detention.

The move prompted criticism from some parents, with some telling Heart they were considering finding an alternative school for their child.

However last week, the number of children removed from class had fallen to around 100.

The college's Principal, Catherine Jenkinson-Dix told Heart: "Teachers are no longer having to deal with the small, irritating behaviour in classrooms.

Students learning has improved phenomenally because teachers are now in a position to plan their lessons quite differently and actually getting through more work.

Some students did get it wrong, but they've clearly learnt from that and they are now seeing the benefits from the improved atmosphere and the improved learning in classrooms."