Haverhill House Boarded Up

20 April 2011, 11:13 | Updated: 20 April 2011, 11:41

A house in Haverhill where police have been called a total of 38 times has been boarded up and closed down.

Officers have had to deal with reports of large fights, underage drinking, noise, parties and solvent abuse at the house in Strasbourg Square.

Police have been called there 18 times during the last three months, and on a further 20 occasions since last June.

The house has now been closed down for three months, after Police went to court to get a Closure Order.

Anyone caught inside can be arrested.

Sergeant Sarah Bartley from the Haverhill Safer Neighbourhood Team said: "The order is positive in two ways.

It demonstrates to the local community that police and partners are taking their complaints seriously and want to help, but also shows the perpetrators of anti-social behaviour that even if that behaviour is displayed within your own home, we will take action for the good of the wider community.

No one should have to put up with such behaviour where they live."