Huntingdonshire Green Project

6 November 2010, 08:00

Two normal, family homes, that have been transformed into environmentally-friendly show houses, are now open to the public.

It's hoped people will look around the houses in St Ives and St Neots and be inspired to make their own homes more energy efficient.

The houses were designed around four themes, energy efficiency, renewable energy, water efficiency and biodiversity, supporting the council’s environmental objectives.

They have numerous products and services designed to reduce energy consumption, donated by a number of sponsors.

These include:

  • High performance triple glazed windows
  • Insulation in the walls and lofts
  • Dual flush toilets that use less water
  • Rainwater collection systems that are partly used to flush toilets
  • Low energy lighting
  • Domestic energy management system
  • Walls painted with eco-friendly paint
  • Energy efficient kitchen appliances
  • Gardens to encourage biodiversity, recycling, composting and home grown produce.

Councillor Jonathan Gray, whose executive responsibilities include environment said: "The houses are an essential demonstration and educational resource for all.

Taking steps to maximise the efficiency of our homes is not only a responsible use of our natural resources but also saves money in reduced utility bills.

If you would like to see the transformation and learn all about the environmental improvements you could make to your home or business I would encourage you to book a visit, we want you to be inspired to do it yourself."

Click here to visit the Green House Project website and find out how to book a tour around one of the homes.