Huppert To Lead Cambridge Debate

27 July 2010, 06:00

The national spotlight will be on Cambridgeshire in the Houses of Parliament today.

Cambridge MP, Julian Huppert [pictured - right], is leading a debate on Cambridge's transport problems.

All MPs have the right to apply to hold a debate in the Houses of Parliament on any topic they choose, and, after waiting several months for his turn, Mr Huppert has been successful in choosing a topic.

The liberal democrat will lead the debate, with topics expected to include:

  • The possible upgrade of the A14
  • The Cambridgeshire Guided Bus project
  • Investment in railways from the east to the west, taking lorries off the roads
  • And plans for a new railway station in Chesterton, near Cambridge.


Mr Huppert said: "I am delighted to be given the chance to raise Cambridge's transport problems.

We must find a way to address these problems if the city is to prosper and grow.

But the answer is not to try and build our way out of congestion, this does nothing other than to make life miserable for everyone.

As a driver, cyclist and pedestrian, I'm keenly aware of the conflicting needs of different travellers.

It's a constant balancing act.

I have no wish to deny drivers essential access, but I also want to ensure that we are promoting environmentally sustainable forms of transport around Cambridge."