Latest Prickwillow Art

19 March 2011, 08:00

A space-rocket, hot-air balloon, bus and ferry have all been squeezed into what's thought to be the country's smallest art gallery, which is near Ely.

Last year villagers and volunteers in Prickwillow bought an old, disused, red phonebox from BT for £1.

Since then, it has been turned into a tiny art gallery with local artists taking it in turns to display their work.

The project has attracted wide-scale media attention, and has been featured on the radio in the USA and Canada.

For the next few weeks, work from a number of two to four year old children from Kings Acremont Nursery in Ely is on show.

It features a number of items that the children have been learning about during a project about transport.

Prickwillow Phonebox

Deputy head of the nursery, Katherine Buckingham, said: "We separated the theme into four parts: water, land, air and space.

The children chose which they would work on and put forward ideas for discussion before starting their artwork.

A great deal of effort went into producing the different parts before it all came together on the day the display was mounted."

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