Linton: Zoo Lions Play With Xmas Trees

7 January 2013, 14:38 | Updated: 7 January 2013, 15:30

Linton Zoo is asking for donations of old Christmas trees, so its big cats can play with them.

According to the Cambridgeshire Zoo, its lions, tigers and snow leopards love using them as toys and curling up with them.

The trees will be used to decorate avaries and enclosures.

Once dried out, they can also be burned in the zoo's Bio-Burner to generate energy used for heating and hot water.

The zoo is asking for trees to be left at the front gate or on the main drive if it is closed.

The video below, posted by Linton Zoo on YouTube, shows some African Lions enjoying a donated tree.

Click here to get more information by visiting the Linton Zoo website.

A spokesperson for Linton Zoo said: " Greenery is very important to our animals, so live rooted and growing trees can be given a second chance at life by being planted in one of our animal enclosures. 

Trees without roots can be used to decorate our aviaries and as enrichment for many of our animals including the lions, tigers and snow leopards."

Linton Zoo Xmas Tree Lion