New IVF Centre Opens In Cambridge

28 September 2011, 16:00

Cambridge now has an NHS centre dedicated to helping couples with fertility problems.

It's called Cambridge IVF, and is housed inside a unit in Trumpington, a short distance from the main Addenbrooke's Hospital site.

Right now the clinic only offers IVF privately, but it's hoped NHS patients will be able to get it there in future.

Other fertility treatments, to help women with problems like Fibroids and Polycystic Ovaries are however available there to all patients now.

The centre includes a theatre suite, recovery area, scan and consultation rooms, laboratories and private areas for counselling and confidential discussions.

Mr Raj Mathur, lead clinician, said: "Cambridge IVF is the first NHS comprehensive assisted conception unit in the east of England and is one of the most exciting developments in healthcare in our region.

Cambridge IVF Lab

It is modern, bright and welcoming, and the building has been equipped with the latest technology.

We will operate at the very highest safety standards.

Although we are a new service, Cambridge IVF builds on our 20 years as a fertility treatment centre at Addenbrooke’s, and our experience of running a successful satellite IVF service in partnership with other units."