No More Needles In Littleport

22 April 2010, 06:00

No needles have been found at a play area in Littleport in the three months since a parish council worker was pricked by a dirty one.

In January, Police and Littleport Parish Council warned parents after the man was pricked by a needle that had been wedged into a swing.

Extra police officers have been patrolling the area since then, and Cambridgeshire Police insist officers will continue to ensure the park is a safe place for parents to take their children.

Measures being taken to ensure this is the case include increased use of a nearby sub-Police station and also the installation of CCTV.

An investigation to trace the owner of the dirty needle has not been successful though.

Sergeant Will Davis said: "This type of crime does have a big impact on the community at large.

This one individual, who has left the needle at the location, makes people feel that Littleport is full of drug users and crime is out of control, which really isn't the case."