Cambridge: 'Please Walk ON The Grass'

1 April 2014, 11:31 | Updated: 1 April 2014, 12:00

For the first time, a 'Please Walk On The Grass' sign has been installed in Cambridge.

It's been put up by Lucy Cavendish College, part of the University of Cambridge.

The college say they're 'determined to challenge the exclusivity of Cambridge' and are describing it as a public 'warming' sign.

They want visitors, students, staff and fellows to walk on the lawns at the College.

A spokesperson for the college said, "The sign is already generating a positive feeling and is enhancing the, already strong, feeling of community spirit within this very special place and on the recent glorious spring days students can be seen out in force lying on the grass whilst they study surrounded by the glorious bluebells and daffodils."

Head Gardener, Vince Lucas, says: "We are very proud of our gardens and they are a real hidden gem in the city centre. As a College, however, we recognise the benefits of the great outdoors playing a vital part within our College community and want people to rest assured that our gardens are to be lived in and enjoyed, year-round."