Police Warning After Cambridge Robberies

6 May 2010, 06:00

Police are warning people who walk through the Jesus Green part of Cambridge to be on their guard, after five robberies in the area.

Incident 1

The first happened on the evening of Saturday April 24th, when a 14 year old boy using the toilets on Jesus Green was punched by a man who demanded his phone.

The offender is described as white, in his mid 20's, 5'10" tall and slim, and was wearing a red polo shirt and blue jeans.

Incident 2

The second robbery happened on Sunday April 25th at around 11pm on Elizabeth Way.

Two boys on bikes tried to steal a handbag from a 25 year old woman, but she held on to it and the boys rode off.

The first boy is described as black, aged between 11 and 15 and slim, and was wearing a red and black striped jumper, blue jeans and black trainers.

He was riding a red and orange bike.

The second boy is described as black, aged between 11 and 15 with an athletic build, wearing a black and silver baseball cap with `No Fear' on the front, a black t-shirt a black jacket, black jeans and white addidas trainers.

He was riding a white and orange bike.

Incident 3

The third incident was on Monday April 26th, at around 11pm on Grange Road.

A 34 year old woman was pushed from her bike by a group of three men.

Again, the woman managed to hold on to her bah and the three men rode off.

The only description of these offenders is that they are all white.

Incident 4

Next, on Tuesday April 27th happened between 1am and 1:30am in Histon Road at the junction with Roseford Road.

A 20 year old woman was approached by a man, who threatened her before stealing her cash, bank cards, and passport before running off.

The offender is described as white, in his mid 20s, 5'10" tall, clean shaven with a medium build, and was wearing a beige zipped hooded top.

Incident 5

The final incident happened on Wednesday, April 28th, on Jesus Green.

Two men threatened a 44 year old man and stole his wallet.

The first man is described as white aged between 25 and 35 with a muscular build and a pale complexion.

He was wearing blue jeans and a dark shiny short jacket.

The second man is described as white, aged between 25 and 30 with a medium build and short brown hair.

He was wearing blue jeans and a dark coloured coat.

DC Denise Brown said: "I would like to hear from anyone who has any information in relation to these robberies.

Investigations are underway to trace those responsible.

In the meantime there are a number of things people can do to reduce the risk of becoming a victim."