Prickwillow Phonebox Gallery

12 January 2011, 09:33 | Updated: 12 January 2011, 09:46

A picture of a giant, naked man trying to escape from a phone box is the latest addition to what's thought to be the smallest art gallery in the country, which is in a Cambridgeshire village.

Volunteers in Prickwillow, near Ely, bought an old, disused, red phonebox from BT last year for £1.

The mechanical insides of the box were stripped out, and villagers held a vote on what to do with the tiny structure.

It was then decided to turn it into a tiny art gallery, in a project led by local resident Nick Edell, with different artwork on show each month.

This month, work by Cambridge photographer Dominick Reed is on show.

His pictures depict a character called "Mr Fibble", who has attracted a cult following online.

Dominick said: "In my attempts to keep making amusing pictures, the stories surrounding my pictures have got weirder and weirder,” Mr Reed admitted.

But he is hopeful that "people will see my exhibition for what it is, something to make them smile; to wonder if I have lost a few marbles down the back of the sofa and to show that humour can be found in the most unlikely of places.

I'm a firm believer that photography takes itself way too seriously.

People frequently tell me how one of my photos has brightened their day or made them spit coffee over their computer. I don’t think there is a better feeling than that."

Mr Reed says the phone box is an ideal venue for his art.

He calls it "a fun and a cheeky poke at the more highbrow galleries with their white walls and serious airs".

The story of the phonebox transformation has received worldwide media attention.

Last year on Heart, we told you about the purchase of the box, the vote to decide what to do with it and the subsequent result, but radio stations in Canada and the USA have also picked up on the story.

Click here to visit the Prickwillow Phonebox website.

Prickwillow Phonebox

Prickwillow Phonebox