RAF Lakenheath: Cuts Mean Fewer Flights

Fewer planes will fly from RAF Lakenheath following US Air Force cuts.

It's been announced flying hours at the American base will be cut until September this year.

Then the programme will be reassessed and the budget for 2014 will be looked at.

The U.S. Air Force say they want to focus flying hours on 'the most important missions'.

An RAF Lakenheat statement reads: "During these measures the base will focus on maintaining the most capable and ready force possible within the current budget constraints.

To do so, it is implementing a tiered-readiness concept for the active duty force, where only units preparing to deploy in support of current operations are trained to be fully mission capable. 

As part of the concept, the local community will continue to see 48th Fighter Wing aircraft flying, although less frequently. 

Personnel will continue ground training as well, which includes flight simulator training."