Soham: Prayer For Soham 10 Years On

4 August 2012, 06:00

A special prayer has been written for Soham on the 10th anniversary of the murders of Holly and Jessica.

On the 4th of August 2002 10-year-olds Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman were murdered by the local school caretaker Ian Huntley.

Arch Deacon John Beer from the Church of England has spoken to Heart 10 years after the murders.

Hear the interview here


Holy God, 
You walk with each of us in our joys and sorrows, 
And redeem the changes and chances of this fleeting world;
As we remember again with great sadness the tragic events of Soham,
Grant peace to all who on this day still grieve the loss of a child, 
With love unused, in unsaid words, 
And bless those who love, and care for, them

Hear the Arch Deacon reading the Prayer for Soham here

Since Holly's murder Kevin Wells has supported with the charity Grief Encounters, and the charity told Heart Kevin's support has taken their 'charity to a new level.' 

Soham Rose