Strawberry Fair "A Success"

6 June 2011, 11:14 | Updated: 6 June 2011, 11:39

The Strawberry Fair in Cambridge on Saturday went "extremely well", according to Cambridgeshire Police.

Following the cancellation of last year's event on Midsummer Common due to police concerns about people taking drugs and drinking too much alcohol, security arrangements were stepped up for this year's fair.

A total of 13 people were arrested on Saturday, mainly on suspicion of drink, drug or public order related offences.

Chief Inspector Dave Sergent, who was in charge of the police operation, said: "This year's fair went extremely well and people had clearly listened to the advice we had given around alcohol and drugs.

We escorted about 1500 people from the railway station to the fair and only one person had exceeded the alcohol limit.

The event had a different feel to previous years and there were a lot of families enjoying the entertainments on offer.

Any anti-social behaviour was quickly dealt with by security staff, supported by police officers, but in the main it was good natured and the atmosphere was very pleasant."

Meanwhile feedback to Cambridge City Council has also been positive.

Extra council workers were on duty to clean up Midsummer Common and the surrounding streets following the fair, stop people camping on the site, monitor noise levels and food hygiene and support the police.

Councillor Rod Cantrill, Executive Councillor for Arts Sports and Public Places, said: "Strawberry Fair is an important independent
event on Cambridge's cultural calendar, that the city council values and our support reflects this and our responsibility to the local community.

I am pleased that the event went off in a safe and enjoyable way without constraining the lives of other residents or visitors.

The measures taken by the Strawberry Fair Committee to refocus the event seem to have worked well, and they should be congratulated for all their hard work."