Swavesey: Hurricane Sandy School Trip Safe

2 November 2012, 12:40 | Updated: 2 November 2012, 13:34

Fifty students from Cambridgeshire have arrived safely back in the UK after being out in New York during Hurricane Sandy.

The pupils from Swavesey Village College were on a GCSE history trip when the storm hit. They were staying in a hostel next to Central Park and managed to avoid the area affected by flooding. 

Tom Ashworth's daughter Harriet was on the trip, he told Heart: "I was relieved that the guys weren't directly in the flood zone, although they were there with the action...a little bit disappointed that they missed a lot of stuff but very relieved that they were all fine". 

Swavesey Pupils

Assistant Principle Richard Davis told Heart: "It wasn't an easy situation, there was a little bit of anxiety, although we weren't in any danger but it was an unusual situation, and they did really well to keep themselves amused and keep everybody's spirits up".

"The most awkward bit...we had 36 hours hold up in the hostel, which is not what students really go on a trip to New York for and they we absolutely brilliant, they were a credit to the school and to themselves".