Waterbeach: Plane Moved From Barracks

2 August 2012, 12:10 | Updated: 2 August 2012, 12:20

A plane that has been positioned outside a Cambridgeshire Army Barracks has been moved as the base continues to close down.

The removal of the full size display Hunter Aircraft from the entrance to Waterbeach Barracks marks the latest stage in the close down of the base.

Most of the 900 engineers from Waterbeach Barracks have already been re-located to RAF Kinloss in Scotland, with the base to be completely shut down by the end of March 2013.

The barracks will then be handed over to the Defence Infrastructure Organisation, which will keep it secure until the land is expected to be put up for sale by 2015.

Waterbeach Barracks is being closed down following defence spending cuts.

The base is then expected to be sold to housing developers.

The land is currently included in a South Cambridgeshire District Council consultation document, with the potential to build thousands of new homes there in future under plans to develop the district.

Local Councillor James Hockney said: "The removal of the display Hunter Aircraft at the entrance to the Waterbeach Barracks really does show the phased winding down of site. 

During a recent tour, it was quite sad to see the Barracks so quiet and with most equipment already relocated. 

Personally I would like to say a big thank you to all the Engineer Regiment personnel for their service to our Country and community - I wish them well for the future wherever they may be.

For the local community we will need to look to the future. 

Certainly we need to look at ways we can help the local economy as the reduced numbers of personnel and then closure of the Barracks - which will mean of course at the very least some reduced business for local shops. 

This is why I have launched the 'Shop Local, Shop Waterbeach' campaign which includes a Facebook Page, posters for shops and features in leaflets. 

The Village of Waterbeach is a growing community with new houses being built every year and I am sure we can together get through this challenging time."