Newmarket Torch Route

Day 50: Saturday 7 July.

The torch relay will enter Newmarket via the A142 Fordham Road at 1732.

The flame will then turn right on to the High Street, following the road along The Terrace before re-joining the High Street.

The Newmarket relay will end on the High Street at the junction with Dullingham Road.

Next stop: Cambridge.

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Meet Newmarket's Torchbearers:

London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Feng Li
Age: 51 
Andy Mcgowan Name: Andy Mcgowan
Age: 24
From: Cambridge
Nomination Story: Andy is 22 and was a young carer to his two disabled parents since he was six years old. This badly affected his schooling, meaning that his attendance dramaticaly dropped and he actually missed his SATs in Year 9. Yet he turned it around and was successful in his GCSEs and A Levels, and graduated last summer with a Law Degree from Cambridge University. Andy constantly tries to help more people achieve their full potential and has been elected as the Sabbatical Access Officer for Cambridge University Students' Union. He has been tireless in his work to encourage more young people to consider applying to Cambridge and higher education in general. At weekends, he is also a Shift Manager at McDonalds, helping crew members to gain an apprenticeship in hospitality in order to improve their qualifications. He won Employee of the Quarter for the Central-West Region in 2007 for his efforts. He has been an active advocate for the needs of young carers and their families, locally and nationally, regularly talking about his experiences to both young carers and professionals, and volunteering every year at the National Young Carers' Festival. In 2006, he was asked by The Children's Society to fly out to Nairobi as a UK delegate, to represent the voices of Young Carers. He was also asked to sit on The Children's Society's Trustee Board. He is now trying to save enough money to pay for the course needed to qualify as a Legal Aid solicitor, whilst also continuing to help his parents.Update: I am now 23, am now working at McDonalds full-time after my role as CUSU Access Officer ended in July (it is a one-year position) and I am applying to do a PGCE in Citizenship for 2012 entry before law school at some point after that.
Cheryl Scotland-Wigg Name: Cheryl Scotland-Wigg
Age: 34
From: Newmarket
Nomination Story: Cheryl, has taken on organising big charity event (Foundation of Study of Infant Death), the minute she heard of her friend who lost her chinld when he was couple of weeks old, friend who used to work for our bp couple of years back. She is getting all her colleagues to participate, and all her friends and family and she has been greatly promoting bp with this event.Cheryl organised a family fun day to help raise money for a charity called Foundation for study of infant death on 21/08/11. We don't have final numbers yet but she raised about £4,500. She was the person who made it all possible, she got everybody involved, she thought about every detail and we all had an absolutely great time helping her.
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Chris Ramsdale
Age: 46
From: Cambridge
Nomination Story:I would like to nominate Chris for his work in his local community as a football coach and work related to the local football team of Over Sports colts. Chris has been a trainer with the team for approximately 10 years and has been on the committee for the last 4 years. with the team it involved coaching the boys once a week for training sessions and matches in the local league. Chris has undertaken coaching courses and referee courses to help the football team and spent an hour a week minimum training the boys for the last ten years in the football season and for 6 of those years he has had matches on a Sunday morning with the team in all areas of the county of Cambridge which generally took all morning and until early afternoon. this included ferrying the boys back and forward who could not get lifts with their parents. Chris has helped enormously within the local football team and the boys came out of playing matches a year ago but they still wanted to carry on the training with Chris and the other coach once a week as they all say they enjoy it so much. Within the surrounding villages other boys who go to school with the team boys are asking if they can join in the weekly training sessions as they enjoy it so much. This has now caused a waiting list!
Louise Barnes Name: Louise Barnes
Age: 29
From: Saffron Walden
Nomination Story: Louise had cancer four times in 2 years at the age of 14 and survived. Having had a titanium prosthesis in her arm and then losing one third of one lung and half of the other it returned to the original site resulting in large skin grafts on her shoulder. She struggled through her last years at school and went on to work in the Radiotherapy Department at Adenbrooks hospital where she qualified as an Assistant Practitioner working with and helping victims of Cancer. At 26 she walked away from a good salary and now 28 is at Ipswich University completing the second year of her radiotherapy degree. In her spare time she works tirelessly with a local team raising money for Saffron Walden TCT (Teenage Cancer Trust) and in the past 3 years the team has raised over £160,000 towards the new TCT ward at Adenbrooks hospital. Louise had dedicated her life into helping people come to terms with and treat the disease that tried so hard to kill her. Please give her something in her life other than cancer.
Steve Walton Name: Steve Walton
Age: 57
From: Cambridge
Nomination Story: Steve has been dedicated to refereeing standing volleyball for decades but more recently has been a leading light in sitting volleyball. A measure of his respect internationally can be found in him being invited to join the WOVD (World Organisation for Volleyball for the Disabled) Referee Commission now he no longer qualified, on age grounds, to be an active referee. Since London was awarded the 2012 Olympic Games, Steve has been fundamental in helping re-establishing the sport of sitting volleyball in England. His particular contribution has been to advocate and then run an international referees course in sitting volleyball and a national 'add on' qualification so that we now have an increasing cadre of referees for the game both nationally and internationally. Steve embodies all the best qualities in officials and fully deserves recognition for what he has achieved through being a Torch Bearer