Can Anybody Hear Me?

Today I missed part of the show due to being stuck in the ladies loo!

One of the cubicles has a really dodgy lock, and to top it off it’s an enclosed loo, brick walls either side of you and a big wooden floor to ceiling style door.

So if I was to get stuck in there would anyone be able to hear me shouting and more importantly would anyone come and let me out?

Well, Kev could definitely hear me shouting for help all down the corridors, up the stairs and into the offices, but he decided not to let me out for ten minutes!

Luckily, Karen from our Sales office heard me and opened the door from the outside for me.

So, what have I learnt from this experiment?

When not many people are in the building like at Christmas, and Bank Holidays, I’m going to use the mens!

Have a listen to what happened

14th November - Ros Gets Stuck