Chivalry Is Dead!

Apparently women are now paying their own way, opening their own doors and no longer require a man to give up his seat on some over crowded mode of public transport.

And whilst I appreciate good manners it does seem that we’ve become more equal in the way we live our lives and what we expect from men.

However, in a bid to keep chivalry alive, we decided on today’s show we’d come up with one chivalrous act that we could not only keep but that Kev would act out for me all week.

I toyed with making him give me his coat in the cold and I really did like the idea of me pointing to another, much bigger guy, accuse him of giving me funny looks and demand Kev go over and ‘make war’ with him but in the end I thought it would be fun for the whole week if Kev stood up every time I entered the room, or got up from the table.

Looking forward to today’s meeting where I might have to get up and go to the loo more than normal!