Do Something Out Of Your Comfort Zone

6 November 2012, 11:00 | Updated: 27 June 2017, 12:25

So yet again the 5th of November comes and goes without me lighting a firework.

I would be more disappointed but I value both eyes, hands and fingers; after all I watched those health and safety videos we had at school and told myself never to go near one.

So it remains on my list of things to do in life, along with hugging a polar bear and staying out all night.

I think its fair to say the middle one is never going to happen but it did get us thinking what things haven’t you done that most other people have. 

Chris admitted he’d never been ice skating and Wayne wanted to go on the London Eye but was petrified of heights. 

So maybe today is the day you bite the bullet and do something out of your comfort zone.

Now where can I find a sedated polar bear…??