Heart Breakfast's New Bank Holiday

10 January 2013, 10:51 | Updated: 27 June 2017, 12:25

On today’s show we were trying to wangle an extra bank holiday.

Over the last two years we’ve had an extra one due to the Royal Wedding and one for the Jubilee, but yet this year we’re back down to our normal allocation, even though there will be a Royal Baby this year.

So to add clout to our argument we were asking you for extra reasons that we can send David Cameron to try and persuade him we all deserve an extra day off.

We heard from Nicola who this year was celebrating her 40th with her husbands 40th so they were having a combined 80th Birthday Party and could do with the extra day to clean up;

Peter wanted an extra day to celebrate his divorce and Sam had the most persuasive argument of all, she needed a Bank Holiday Monday to go to the hair dressers as her hairdresser had just gone on maternity leave and was only working Mondays!

So we’ll write to Mr Cameron and the Queen and let you know if we succeed in our mission for that extra day. (Don’t go booking anything yet)