It's Award Season

25 January 2013, 10:17 | Updated: 27 June 2017, 12:25

If you haven’t noticed its Award crazy at the moment, we’ve just had the NTA’s (where Ant & Dec won everything) we’ve got the Brits, Bafta’s, Golden Globes and Oscars all to come, so we were thinking maybe we should be handing out some awards.

So on today’s show we handed out the Heart Breakfast Alternative Awards; some great nominees came in for awards like ‘The Most Annoying Laugh’ Award which went to James from Cambridge who had a deafening laughing policeman style laugh with the odd snort.

The ‘My Partner Phaffs About In The Bathroom and Takes Longer To Get Ready Than Me Award’ which went to Julies husband for refusing to never leave the house until showered and ready, not even to put the bins out.

And the most common award for ‘I’ve Never Been On Time In My Whole Life’ Award, which went to Jack from Peterborough, who annoying cant be on time for anything, although in his acceptance speech promptly blamed his wife!