It's Still Freezing!

The snow maybe melting but we’re all still wearing 3 pairs of socks because it’s absolutely freezing.

Every day Kev plays the ‘how-many-layers-of-clothing-is-Ros-wearing-today’ game, today its only 4, but then I’ve nicked the Heart hot water bottle for added heat.

And if you say Heart Water Bottle really quickly it sounds like you’ve got a Norfolk accent (good eh?!)

But we thought others may be more deserving of the Heart Water Bottle today, like Natalie who worked outside on a farm looking after animals all day, Alison who was a live in Nanny in a house where the boiler had broken 3 days ago.

And Anthony, our favourite, who worked as a roofer and was frozen to the core but admitted when it got really bad him and ‘big Dave’ had a cuddle to keep warm!