Kev and Ros's New Year Swap Shop

7 January 2013, 10:12 | Updated: 27 June 2017, 12:25

So our first day back after the New Year and we all brought in our naffest Christmas present to play Swap Shop.

Kev played the part of Noel 'Tidy Beard' Edmonds (he used to host a show called Swap Shop on Saturday mornings for those of you that are too young to remember) and I brought in my Luxury Linen Diffuser – which turns out to be a flouncy way of saying ‘air freshener’, and the swap began!

First off Chris from Cambridge swapped it for one of his Pie Makers, he received 2 for Christmas, it's a machine that you stuff with pastry and filling and in 8 minutes it cooks you a pie (sounds like the beginning of the norovirus if you ask me).

But that didn’t last too long as Terri’s padded flowered loo seat was too difficult to resist, but even naffer presents came in to the swap including aftershave with a fly in it, and a second hand pen with the name ‘Len’ engraved on it.

But even better we got a shopping list fridge magnet, and then finally a heated ice scraper – which I was more than happy with, mainly because I thought I could sit on it and have a warm bum during my morning drive.

Swap done!