Kev Forgot His Phone

18 March 2013, 10:02 | Updated: 27 June 2017, 12:25

Most of us admit to not being able to live without our mobile phones, but how much would you spend to be reunited with it?

Kev forgot his one morning and needed it so much that he had to get a taxi to go and collect his phone from home and bring it to him at work (cost him £50!) now that’s an expensive mistake! 

Although certainly not the most expensive mistake by far, as we heard from all sorts of people on the show today who could beat that. 

Like Kim from Peterborough who called a locksmith out when her key wouldn’t work only for the locksmith to spray WD40 on the lock and charge her £100 for the trouble. 

Then we heard from Nikki in Cambs who after 27 years of driving put petrol in her diesel car and had to pay £270

But they still couldn’t match Lee who paid £68,000 on his mistake, he ordered a new sports car after coming into some money, only to realise when it arrived, at his height of 6ft6 he couldn’t actually get in it!