Kev & Ros Meet Lenny Henry

17 April 2013, 10:45 | Updated: 27 June 2017, 12:25

So we were rubbing shoulders with a celebrity today, well he was on the phone so rubbing telephone lines with a celebrity.

Actor and comedian Lenny Henry, who is currently appearing at the Cambridge Arts Theatre in a play "Fences", called in to say hello, and tell us a bit about his new play.

Of course there were some questions we couldn’t help but ask him, like ‘do you still get people shouting out your catch phrases to you in the street?’

Not only did he answer the question, but he even reminded us of some of his catch phrases, then he told us the story of the worst place anyone’s ever shouted one of his catchphrases.

And of course because of the adverts we all see him in, we couldn’t let him go without asking him ‘where are you staying?'

Listen to the interview to hear if he saw the funny side...

17th April - Lenny Henry