Pancake Day

12 February 2013, 09:58 | Updated: 27 June 2017, 12:25

Otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday or in our case Argument Day!

It’s the same old argument we have every year, what topping is best?

I’m in the traditional lemon and sugar camp and Kev likes to go crazy with nutella, bananas, ice-cream and even a smashed up crunchie chocolate bar (whats that about?!)

So to settle the argument we got a Cambridge professor on who confirmed in his boffin opinion that yes I was right and the top topping was lemon and sugar.

Kev still wasn’t convinced so we rang the head of a supermarket and asked which toppings they sold more of, and again lemon and sugar was confirmed.

Kev still wasn’t happy so to settle the argument we had a pancake race and the winner would decide which topping was best.

Check it out here