What Confuses You About The Opposite Sex

19 April 2013, 10:10 | Updated: 27 June 2017, 12:25

On today’s show we were asking the big question with many answers.

Women will just never understand why men like to sit around watching TV in their pants, why they’ll never notice we’re out of milk, and as Ericka from Cambridge put it ‘why do they spend hours cleaning their car but wont do any of the dishes?”

And to even it up, men were just as confused about women, Kev couldn’t understand why women had day perfume and night perfume, why do we phone friends that only live across the road and Andy from Peterborough was confused as to why women will say no to a bag chips of their own but yet eat all of yours.

We couldn’t solve many of them, but the reason women do that is ‘borrowed’ calories don’t count, if we order it we know for sure we’re consuming the calories but if we nick yours we’ll consume a lot less (in our minds anyway)

Even more confused?