Chores or Treat

spa and scrub

One mum and her daughter play each other for a fabulous treat, or risk ending up stuck doing chores.

On Tuesday we met Sue from March and her daughter Nina (aged 12), they will be answering 2 questions each, every day until Friday.

At the end of the week the person with the most correct answers will get a fabulous treat.

While the loser will have some chores to do.

But here's the twist...

Nina will be answering grown up questions, and Sue will be answering kids questions.

Who will win?

Here's what's happened so far...


It's all level so far, but what happens in round two?


So Nina is in the lead, Thursday could be the turning point for Sue...


Sue is closing the gap, with just one point between them, but has Nina got it in the bag?


So everyone's a winner here, Nina is getting her day out at the seaside, mum Sue is off to Imagine Spa in Peterborough, and the whole family is off to Twin Lakes theme park. 

What a great way to end the Easter holidays!