Do You Dare Enter?


Kev's ventured into his son's room, and you won't believe what he found!

It's the Easter Holidays and so children are spending a lot more time in the house.

So Kev being the great dad that he is, went to give his son's room a quick tidy.

After taking one last deep breath of fresh air he went inside, and he was horrified to find...

A one week old chocolate milkshake!

And Kev wasn't alone in this, you got in touch to tell us what things you've found in you're kids rooms:

Two bags full of sandwiches

A kiwi smeared up the wall

A cat scratching tower (when they don't own a cat)

and even the school register.

Clearly we need a plan 

Ros thinks she has the solution.

All you need a spare £11,000 and you could buy an airport style X-ray machine, so you can monitor exactly what your little ones are taking to their rooms.

Or maybe that's not a cost effective solution...