Kev's Garden Surpise

snake in the grass

Kev had an unexpected brush with nature in his garden that really freaked him out...

The weekend before last, Kev was out in the garden enjoying the sunshine with his family, when he spotted something unbelievable in the grass!

It was a snake!

Yes, you read that right. A snake.

Ok, so it was a British grass snake, and it was less than a metre long, but still.

Now, Kev being the brave man that he is, you might be thinking that he went all Paul Hogan and tackled the serpent head on.

And if you were thinking that, you'd be wrong.

Instead, Kev got his partner's dad to chase the snake away.

Ros on the other hand, isn't fazed by snakes.

Her cats have brought almost every kind of wild life back to the house, including snakes.

But what about you?

Have you found a giant worm in your garden, or a frog in the kitchen, or perhaps a surprise horse has wondered down the street?

This is the moment Kev spoke to a nature specialist about his encounter....