St George's Day

Josh dressed like biggles

Kev, Ros, & Producer Josh have decided this is the year that we make a big deal about St George's Day...

After all, St George is the Patron Saint of England!

But what should we do?

Have a proper English Roast?

Paint an England flag on our faces?

Learn Morris Dancing?

All good ideas, but none of them seems BIG enough!

How about sending a terrified breakfast team member to Duxford to fly around in a 1940s Tiger Moth biplane over England's pleasant pastures green?

...with the soundtrack of Ely Cathedral Girls' Choir singing Jerusalem!

So Kev & Josh tossed a coin to see who'd be taking to the skies - and what happened is probably the most English thing ever!

Happy St George's Day

With thanks to:

Ely Cathedral Girls' Choir

Stuart Etheride / PilotpixPilotpix logo

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The company is headed up by creative director, Stuart Etheridge. Stuart has years of experience in the aviation sector and is also a keen private pilot. Over his career Stuart has photographed and filmed everything from Spitfires to F15s and has some specialist skills in onboard mini-camera installations.

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Classic WingsClassic Wings Logo

Family-run Classic Wings have operated from IWM Duxford, Europe’s premier aviation museum, since 1991, offering pleasure flights to the public in some of the all-time classic aircraft.

When you climb aboard any of the company's aircraft you are both stepping back in time and flying in historic aircraft in its own right.

They offer a range of flight experiences from the 8 seater Dragon Rapide, for amazing sightseeing tours, a trial lesson in s genuine WWII  Tiger Moth, a thrilling flight in a Warbird, the T6 Harvard or flying Wing to Wing with a Spitfire. But the ultimate experience for may people has to be  flying “In a Spitfire”