To Blend - Or Not To Blend?

Kev wants to lose his 'Dad Bod' and get in shape for summer. He reckons his new kitchen toy is the key to achieving this!

There are hundreds of tips and tricks for losing weight, or just getting in shape out there.

Not so long ago, Ros was telling us about here 'Freezer Door Diet' - the idea that you can eat what ever you want out of the freezer from the moment you open the freezer door, to the moment that the freezer door alarm goes off.

Kev has decided that he wants to go for something a little less rushed.

He'll be blending his breakfast!

He's hoping that this new toy will dissolve man boobs, and thicken his hair...

Could it work?

We aren't sure. But we do know that the concoction Kev made the breakfast team looked very green, and tasted... healthy. 

Kev with a Nutribullet