1,800 People In Peterborough Sent Wrong Voting Form

22 April 2015, 10:39 | Updated: 22 April 2015, 11:13

Around 1,800 in Peterborough have been sent the wrong form to use for voting in next month's General Election.

The people affected were those living in North, Park and Stanground East.

Residents are being told they should destroy and discard the wrong forms. A spokesperson at Peterborough City Council say, "If they try and use them to vote they will be discounted as invalid. If they have already voted they will have to vote again with new ballot papers that are being sent by first class post. The letter we send to everybody affected will make this as clear as possible, explain the process again and apologise for the inconvenience."

The mistake is being put down to a human error at the printers. It's thought a batch of ballot papers was put in the wrong envelope.

New forms are being printed and sent out.