A14 Speedster Fined - See A14 Video

Motorcyclist prosecuted for careless riding


Cambridgeshire Police have released CCTV footage of a motorcyclist who has been fined and received penalty points for careless riding.

The motorcyclist, a 27 year-old man from Surrey, passed a marked police car which was travelling at 70mph on the A14, in March last year.

The rider then undertook a slower vehicle, causing another vehicle to brake. He then accelerated to 95mph.

He was stopped and dealt with for the traffic offence of careless riding, but declined to accept the fine and points and was summonsed to attend Peterborough Magistrates' Court on February 6.

He did not attend and the case proceeded in his absence.

The magistrate imposed a fine of £600, a victim surcharge of £60, court costs of £225, making a total of £885 plus eight penalty points (the maximum for this offence is nine points).

Roads Policing Unit officer Mark Lappin said:

"The rider put himself and other road users in danger through his careless actions. The fine, costs and penalty points he incurred should act as a deterrent to all road users."