Addenbrookes Disabled Parking A "Top Priority"

After complaints about the lack of available parking for disabled patients at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, the Trust running the site says it takes the issue very seriously.

Earlier today, Mayor of Cambridge, Gerri Bird spoke to Heart of her own experience getting access to the hospital as a wheelchair user saying: "I only live in Chesterton but I give myself an hour and a half to get to appointments because I can never be certain they'll be enough spaces for me when I arrive.

Spaces are often full as early as 7am, and recently there's been construction skips blocking some spaces. I would like to know if they (Addenbrooke's) have enforcement officers making sure people who do park in those spaces have valid blue badges."

This afternoon, a spokesman for Cambridge University Hospitals said:

"Ensuring patient and visitors have access to disabled parking at Cambridge University Hospitals is one of our top priorities and we do everything we can to ensure there are sufficient spaces at all times.   

There are 362 disabled car parking bays at CUH - more than double the level regulations stipulate. 

When essential construction work takes place to improve the facilities for our patients, we do our best to commission additional disabled parking spaces close by and at present only two spaces have been lost.

We take the issue of ensuring disabled parking is available very seriously. We employ a full-time member of staff to check that spaces are not being occupied by people without valid disabled badges, with a particular focus to the spaces outside clinics, where there are four-hour waiting restrictions in place.

The spaces outside clinics are not being used by staff. Staff with disabilities themselves use the disabled spaces in other car parks, unless their disability warrants them being given special dispensation to do so.

We also operate a courtesy bus to take patients to their clinics which has been adapted to carry disabled passengers.

We always welcome and value feedback in order to improve patients' experience at our Hospitals."