Big Issue Seller Becomes Cambridge Entrepreneur

1 January 2018, 07:24 | Updated: 1 January 2018, 08:26

Big Issue seller

From a life on the streets, to the life of an entrepreneur... 2018 is already shaping up to be much brighter for one man from Cambridge.

This time last year, Mark Siequien had just found accommodation after years of homelessness and was selling Big Issues at Cambridge station.

Now, he is a new Cambridge market-stall holder. He's told Heart how an undiagnosed personality disorder had led to drug abuse, and prison.

 "It was me in my own way trying to break out of this cycle of spending all of my money on weed and so I started growing some cannabis, and went to prison for production of a class B drug. 

"I knew I needed to make changes. I just didn't know how to stop." 

He says it was the people he met while selling the Big Issue that helped him realise life is not all bad. 

"There's a lot of good people out there, and there's a lot of people that have made that time to stop every day for just five minutes and have a chat with me. 

"I got married in September {and} lots of my regulars came to the wedding!" 

Mark's revealed how things are looking up for him now his business is taking off. 

"Cambridge Market have offered me a market-stall. I've got a lot of wildlife photos that I want to do something with so I'm going to start selling some prints." 

Mark's also thinking of setting up a dog photo booth!