Bike Indicators To be Trialled In Cambridge

6 March 2015, 07:27 | Updated: 6 March 2015, 07:36

Indicators for bikes are going to be trailled in Cambridge next week.

WingLights have been designed to help reduce the amount of accidents involving cyclists.

They attach to the end of handlebars and visible from the front, rear and side.

They also turn on and off easily, by being tapped.

The inventors say "Tests have indicated that indicators used before, during and after mandatory hand signalling increase both the confidence and safety of cyclists on the road.

"The flashing amber lights not only increase the visibility of your turning signal but also allow you to indicate earlier and for longer, without sacrificing safety by removing your hand from the grips.

"WingLights are incredibly easy to fit and mount. The innovative magnetic fixing allows for easy 'snap on, snap off' attachment while providing a strong hold in all weather conditions."

They're going to be tried out in the city centre next Friday.