Bomb Squad To Leave RAF Wittering

8 November 2018, 15:34 | Updated: 12 November 2018, 12:49

Bomb disposal team in Frome

The MoD has announced there's to be no more duplication of bomb squad personnel split between the RAF and the Army.

All civilian bomb disposal operations will now be undertaken by the Army from around 2020.

RAF bomb squad experts will be redeployed into other roles and they'll be no redundancies.

RAF bomb disposal equipment will be moved into Army operations; it's not known at this stage how many RAF personnel if any will be moved across to the Army bomb disposal operations regionally.

At RAF Wittering, Group Captain Tony Keeling said, “Everyone at RAF Wittering and across the wider Royal Air Force will be deeply saddened by the disbandment of 5131 Bomb Disposal Squadron. For 75 years the Squadron has lived by its motto, to make the harmful harmless, in their operational role and the countless occasions in which they have assisted the civilian authorities to maintain public safety. 5131 Bomb Disposal Squadron has served this country with bravery, honour and distinction and has maintained the best traditions of the Royal Air force throughout its history. We are very grateful to Squadron personnel, past and present, for all that they have given in the past 75 years.”