Cambridge Care 'At Breaking Point'

25 February 2016, 06:41 | Updated: 25 February 2016, 06:46

A leading health expert has told Heart the demand for emergency care in Cambridgeshire is dramatically increasing and the county's facing a major crisis.

Figures show the number of people needing emergency care here went up by 8.7% last year.

Dr John Lister told Heart: "This is a dramatic increase, and it's one of the biggest increases I've seen around the country.

"The hospital trusts are missing their targets, the mental health trust isn't hitting all of its targets, the hospital trusts are messing up the ambulance service which affects the whole of the county. These are big issues."

Campaigners met in Cambridge last night to discuss major issues facing all of our hospital trusts, as well as the collapse of the Uniting Care contract for elderly people's care.

Dr Lister says the government needs to "see sense" and stop making cuts.

"All of these things actually come down, effectively, to money and the inadequate amount of money available for the rising demand in healthcare, particularly emergency health care in Cambridgeshire.

"We've got to get back to basics. We need enough money in the system to deliver adequate care and we've got to focus management's attention not on organisational gimmicks but really improving the care of local people."