Cambridge Couple's App's Not Rubbish

6 August 2015, 05:52

A Cambridge couple who were so fed up of being, well, frankly rubbish at remembering when to put the bins out, have a created a very "Cambridge" solution - a 21st century app.

Tanya and Dan Hutter told Heart they kept forgetting when to put the bins out, and, which ones, especially when the schedule was disrupted by holidays.

Tanya who works at the Chemistry Department at Cambridge University told Heart her partner spent his commuting time to and from London designing an app, to remind them which bins needed to go out.. instead of just looking at what the neighbours were doing.. or worse still.. hearing the dustbin lorry come down the road and realise at the last moment.

It's a free app, "Bins Collection Cambridge" and is currently available for download in Cambridge only on Android but could be developed for the iPhone if people like it.

However, Tanya says they won't be rolling it out across the country because of the wide range of different timetables and on-line information provided by different councils.