Cambridge Road Re-Opens As Fatberg Is Cleared

22 January 2016, 14:11

Anglian Water says a sewer leak which flooded a shop and caused traffic chaos in Cambridge was the result of fat entering the sewer system.

Anglian Water responded to the leak on Regent Street and technicians were forced to close the road while they investigated a potential sewer collapse.

Once teams were on site they discovered a large blockage of congealed fat in the sewer.

The Regent Street sewer will be fully jetted and CCTV to ensure it is clear of any further fat build up.

Nik Shelton from Anglian Water said:

"The sewer was backed up causing flooding in a shop basement.
We responded as quickly as we could and closed the road as an emergency measure.

This was a particularly deep pipe so it as a difficult job. Once teams arrived on site they found clear signs of fat build up in the pipe.

This is just one of 30,000 blockages we get a year in our region - however the location meant it caused particular disruption to traffic. 80 per cent of these blockages are completely avoidable and are caused by fats being poured down sinks and wipes being flushed down toilets.

We recently launched our Keep It Clear campaign in Cambridge and the message is simple - leave fat from cooking to solidify before scraping it into your bin or recycling caddy. Please don't put it down the sink."

Anglian Water recently had to bring an ultra high powered jet mounted on a remote controlled robot from Holland to clear a pipe in Houghton Regis in Bedfordshire which had become full of hardened fat.

Another pipe in Peterborough city centre had to be cleared on Christmas Day after it became blocked with fat.

There is an estimated 20,000 tonnes of fat in the region's sewers - enough to fill eight Olympic sized swimming pools.