Cambridgeshire Police To Tackle Child Sexual Exploitation This Week

11 May 2015, 05:37 | Updated: 11 May 2015, 05:52

Cambridgeshire police are carrying out a week of action to tackle child sexual exploitation (CSE).

The activity, which starts today (Monday May 11), is part of Operation Makesafe, which launched in March and aims to prevent offences and protect children by focusing on potential offenders and victims.

Throughout the week officers and staff will focus efforts on raising awareness of CSE, encouraging reporting and targeting potential offenders and victims.

Det Insp Mark Greenhalgh, who leads the force's CSE team, said: "Throughout the week officers will be delivering letters and postcards to the public to raise awareness of the signs of CSE and how to report it.

"Our aim is to intervene at the early stages of sexual exploitation to prevent young people from being abused and ensure offenders are caught and dealt with.

"To help us with this work it is important people remain vigilant and aware of the early signs of CSE and report any concerns to police.

"From that information and our own investigations, we will be targeting hotspot areas used by offenders and ensuring we use all the tactics available to us to prevent offences."

For more information about spotting the signs of CSE click here.