Cambridgeshire's Street Lights Won't Be Turned Off At Night - Just Yet

29 June 2015, 06:57 | Updated: 29 June 2015, 07:13

It's been decided street lights across Cambridgeshire won't be turned off at night- just yet.

A County Council Committee say they're postponing their planned cut.

They now want to bring it in before April next year - at the earliest.

Residents are being given the chance to have their say on the idea before it's any final decisions are made.

It's due to save the council £230,000 a year.

Councillor Lewis Herbert, Leader at the City Council, says, "There are a long list of reasons why Cambridge, particularly more central areas, needs county lighting through the night, and we know local and force-wide police have major concerns too. So we welcome the postponement of the county’s plans and their commitment to consult starting by talking to all councils before September.

"Like residents, City Councillors have still to receive the detail but we will be reporting the county’s outline to our Committee on 13th July and want to hear the views of city residents, businesses and Councillors.  We will also ask the county council to  run a full public consultation before any changes.

"Five more years of funding cuts means tough decisions for all councils but overnight lighting really matters to Cambridge, to our residents, to our businesses and to our visitors. Trying to shift  the burden of county costs to district councils is also no answer to the difficulties all councils."