Cat Stuck In Tree In Sawston For Almost A Week

29 May 2015, 10:54 | Updated: 29 May 2015, 10:56

At 1.45pm on Wednesday (27) a crew from Cambridge was called to reports of a cat stuck up a tree off Woodland Road, Sawston.

We were called by the RSPCA after the cat, called Tom, had been up a tree in nearby woodland since Friday.

Crew Commander Jason Leach explained: "The cat was about 40ft up in a tree in nearby woodland and we had to cut through brambles to even get to the tree.

"Using a 10m ladder and working at height equipment, firefighters were safely able to rescue the cat and handed him over to the RSPCA.

"The owners were away on holiday and the neighbour who has been looking after him tried everything to get him down. They did the right thing by contacting the RSPCA and not attempting to rescue him themselves.

"It is important members of the public do not attempt to carry out rescues which could put themselves in danger. We are specially trained and have specialist equipment to enable us to safely do these things.

"We're happy Tom the cat is safe and hopefully he won't go on any more adventures while his owner is on holiday."

The crew rescued the cat by 2.55pm and returned to their station by 3.40pm.