Changes to Rhubarb Bridge restrictions

19 March 2019, 17:23 | Updated: 19 March 2019, 17:25

traffic cones

Peterborough City Council say traffic restrictions changes at Rhubarb Bridge have been made to alleviate congestion since the discovery of the gas-leak.

At rush hour; 2 lanes will be open, but only one lane will be open nearest to the work.

Off peak only 1 lane will be open



Cadent engineers are carrying out essential work to the local gas mains network on the Lincoln Road roundabout in Peterborough.

The utility says work must be done to help ensure the local gas network continues to operate safely and reliably.

The Lincoln Road roundabout at junction 18 of the A47 is currently down from three lanes to one lane on the roundabout.

Cadent engineers are working to locate and repair a suspected gas escape from a gas main running beneath the road and the local authority are also carrying out roadworks in the same vicinity.

Cadent has liaised closely with the local authorities regarding the work and is doing all it can to complete the work as soon as possible, including working extended hours.

Cadent is sorry for any inconvenience people may be experiencing as a result of the work which needs to be carried out to help ensure local people keep on enjoying safe and reliable gas supplies for cooking and heating.

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