Cycling Nightmares At Cambridge Station

Cycling Groups in Cambridge say they're getting an increasing amount of compaints from cyclists taking the train - who can't find anyway to park - and when they do - it's really difficult.

Cyclists have told Robin Heydon and his colleagues at the Cambridge Cycling Campaign it's often difficult to find where to park - citing plenty of signs directing traffic, often, with repeater signs - but when it comes to cyclists - all you get is a single cycle sign, not even an indication there's cycle parking.

Another issue has been the surface over which cyclists need to travel to get to the cycle park - whilst the car park is tarmac'd and smooth, cyclists have to travel over small rocks - it's "like cat-litter" said Robin Heydon, "it's difficult to push your bike over it, and impossible to ride over it."

A problem encountered by some cyclists is where their bike is WHEN they come home - as contractors are picking up and moving entire cycle racks - complete with cycles attached - and using machinery to lift and move the rack to different locations as the forecourt construction work continues. 

An Abellio Greater Anglia spokesman said:

"To accommodate the next phase of the Brookgate development for CB1 and Station Square at Cambridge, we have temporarily moved the cycle parking for station users.

With this move, we have been able to increase capacity from 1000 to 1300 spaces. Work on the new £2.5m CyclePoint with secure parking for 3,000 cycles is now underway at Cambridge which will significantly improve cycle parking for rail passengers using Cambridge station. 

Following customer feedback we have reviewed the communication methods and are improving dialogue and information provision at the site. We would like to thank users of the cycle facilities for their patience and cooperation whilst the new station cycle facility is being built. "